Saturday, September 03, 2005

Roberts Supported White South African Rule of Namibia

In 1982, upon being asked to write a thank you note for the Justice Department's free subscription to a policy journal, he refused his boss's request and wrote a screed dismissing an anti-apartheid group as "Marxist."

Armando, at DailyKos, points out:

Now, it is not that Roberts' repulsive views of the South African apartheid government and its illegal occupation of Namibia are necessarily germane to his fitness for the Supreme Court. It is not that his easy reach for the "Marxist" smear was reminiscent of Joe McCarthy.
It is that when asked to complete the simple task of writing a thank you note for receiving a benign free subscription to a journal, Roberts chose to write back to his superior and tell him that he should not write a thank you note to a group that opposed the apartheid regime of South Africa.
One must question the judicial temperament of such a man.
Given that the confirmation hearings will break out in the midst of the post-Katrina shock and depression, it'll be hard to really focus on getting good answers to the real questions that need to be answered before he becomes one of the most powerful men in the world.

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