Monday, September 05, 2005

Senate Democrats' Plan for the Gulf

The Raw Story has an advance version of the Senate Democrats' relief plan for Katrina, covering the following areas. Click through for the details:
  • Ensuring health care for all displaced victims
  • Getting victims housing
  • Getting victims to family members and friends
  • Getting students into school
  • Bringing victims’ families together and placing them with other families
  • Getting victims cash to meet other basic needs
  • Providing financial relief to victims and National Guard
  • Ensuring victims have access to food
  • Restoring order
  • Helping victims get jobs
  • Supporting the National Guard
  • Requiring accountability
This is not meant as a long-term plan, it's just a relief plan, but it's more than I've seen from Senate Republicans or the President. It's a great place to start the conversation.

It's official now, available from Atrios and DailyKos.

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