Monday, September 19, 2005

Th' lunacy o' t' starboard, yarr!

The lads arrrr ponderin' the meanin' o' words 'n' cymbals. The bilge rats on the starboard side o' the bloggysphere be priming the six-pounder over yon memorial t' the victims of the scurvy Saracens on September 11. As if that warn't enough, the King of all Burgers has surrendered t' a gang of privateers asking that they stop putting the Lord's name on their vittles.

Arrr friends at "evolution" seem t' think this is all a result o' too much fine French cognac. Th' fact is, the Flight 93 memorial be as Moorish as th' flag o' South Carolina, and would the Lord of the Burgers but put the Father, Son or Holy Ghost on a lickable comestible, we'd see who was walkin' the plank. Imagine how smartly a body'd be run up the yard-arm if he ate a grilled cheese sandwich with th' face o' arrr Lord 'n' Savior on it. Arrr.

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Leave comments only in pirate, or I'll keelhaul you.