Monday, September 12, 2005

Willkommen zu den deutschen Konkurrenten von Newtonismus!

Das Wikipedia hat ihre Intelligent Falling Eintragung zum Deutschen übersetzt.

Dank das Babelfish für seine Hilfe.

I've been getting a surprising amount of traffic from the Intelligent Falling post a while back, increasingly from Germany. I wonder if it isn't other Rosenaus thinking I might have made my contribution to pseudo-science in the language of my ancestors.

All I know for sure is that the war against Newtonist dogma is proceeding apace.

IF is undoubtedly the fastest growing anti-science idea in the history of anything, ever.

Evolution has beaten Intelligent Design time and time again (consider Dr. P. Z. Myers's debunking of the claims to "irreducible complexity"), but no one has yet explained the Pioneer anomaly, let alone presented a theory of quantum gravity.

We now have a genuine international movement. Would any airline pilots like to make an endorsement of IF? I think that would really help the movement's credibility.

I'll see if Phil Skell wants to endorse our important work on introducing teleology into physics. I'm sure he never used Newtonian gravity in his research.

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