Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The wrong way to run schools

Teacher Says Board Effort on Evolution Was Resisted - New York Times:
Science teachers at the high school in Dover repeatedly resisted the school board's efforts to force them to teach creationism on equal footing with evolution in biology class, according to a former teacher who is among those challenging the board in a landmark trial.

The conflict in Dover grew so heated that in public meetings board members called opponents "atheists," threatened to fire the science teachers and invoked Jesus' crucifixion as a reason to change the curriculum, two witnesses testified on Tuesday.
Why do people throw "atheist" around as an insult? It really doesn't help show that the motives are purely scientific, and it doesn't show any respect to anyone else.

How Jesus figures into the science curriculum, I'll have to use my imagination.

I know we're still on the plaintiff's witnesses, but I have trouble seeing Dover come out on top. Chris Mooney and RSR agree, so it's not like I'm claiming to be especially smart.

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