Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2,000 is not just a number

I guess this is the new talking point:
Leave it to Democrats to completely ignore the good news of Iraq passing its Constitution. We mourn each and every loss of life in this conflict, but if a democracy can be birthed in the region from their sacrifice, it will be worth it.

2,000 is a number, nothing more, nothing less. But a constitution is the cornerstone of a foothold freedom is taking in the Middle East.
I'd say that 2,000 is substantially more than a number, it's flesh and blood, it's sons and daughters. Right now, that constitution is a piece of paper. We'll know whether it worked in a decade or so. But mothers, fathers, husbands and wives know today what 2,000 represents. It's a knock on a door and an empty bed. It's a child growing up with a void in his or her life.

And 2,000 is all of that multiplied many, many times. Crushing agony piled on crushing agony, and all for what? For a no impact on how safe Iraqis feel, no WMD, and an Iraq which is already in civil war.