Monday, October 24, 2005

Blog family tree

The Politburo Diktat wants to know Who’s Your Daddy?:
Bloggers, please leave a comment [at his place, not here] noting:

1. your blogfather, or blogmother, as the case may be. Just one please - the one blog that, more than any other, inspired you to start blogging. Please don’t name Instapundit, unless you are on his blogchildren list.
2. Include your blog-birth-month, the month that you started blogging, if you can.
3. If you are reasonably certain that you have spawned any blog-children, mention them, too.
None of my blogparents is on the chart yet, which is odd. I cited Dailykos, though TPM, Atrios, Pharyngula, Chris Mooney and Dave Neiwert all contributed to the zygote that became TfK.

To my knowledge, I'm blog-childless, though who knows what happened between TfK and some slinky little site when I wasn't paying attention.