Thursday, October 13, 2005


Nothing's funnier than a flame war (the Intarweb way of referring to a name calling, digital eye scratching festival of meanness unmatched by anything outside the 3rd grade playground). At least, that's what I thought until KCBloggers noted this press release from the Office of the Governor of Missouri, beginning:
A left-wing blog site created at the behest of former U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan and best known for posting scurrilous attacks on Gov. Blunt, his wife and infant son, has posted yet another lie about the governor and his administration.
As a student of American history, I know that this can only lead to a duel. On one side, the entirely accurate blog-post at Fired Up Missouri, on the other, a governor using state resources to defend himself against "Internet hit men who are too frightened to give their real names." Before long, it's pistols in Weehauken, and Aaron Burr Matt Blunt is living under an assumed name in Europe.

All's right with the world of Missouruh politics.