Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Catholics are back on the same page

A while back, a Catholic Cardinal lent his name to a Discovery Institute drafted Op-Ed in the New York Times. Now he's trying to back off from that, reaffirming established Church doctrine:
"Maybe one did not express oneself clearly enough or thoughts were not clear enough," he said. "Such misunderstandings can be cleared up."

Now he's saying that evolution's fine as long as biologists don't conclude that evolution proves there's no creator. Darwin's theory is "one of the very great works of intellectual history."
Dembski must be weeping in his beer.

For the record, most biologists don't conclude that evolution proves anything about God. Evolution obviates the need to invoke God to explain certain phenomena, but doesn't eliminate the option. Science has rules, among which are parsimony. Invoking a diety multiplies entities beyond necessity, a violation of Occam's Razor. I suppose we can read Schoenborn's clarification as a distinction between Occam's Razor and Thargola's Sword: "We must drive a sword through any hypothesis that is not strictly necessary."

Destroying what isn't strictly necessary leads to a poverty of a sort, but science thrives on cleanliness and simplicity. So long as everyone respects boundaries, there's no reason for this to be so vicious.

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