Sunday, October 30, 2005


I find that satire is often the best argument against idiotic memes.
On a that note, this is the funniest parody of conservative thought I've seen in a long while. Fafblog is funny, and Jesus' General is great, too, but revka has that wild-eyed "Communists are coming!" thing down pat. You can almost believe she's a real conservative, but no one could be that batty.

Consider this example:

Based on what i know about liberals, for the last 16 years I have been observing them, they are ALWAYS WHAT THEY CLAIM CONSERVATIVES ARE. So, if they are saying we are crooks, then you have to conclude that they are.

Need i give examples? I think their history is obvious to those who objectively observe them.

I hope this new attack by the CIA, liberals and the media blows right back in their face.
See how she tempts you with an explanation of what the hell she's talking about, then reveals that she's just kidding? And then lumps the CIA in with liberals!

Later, she explains the real threat:

One doesn't have to be a conspiracy theorist to know conservatives are in a dangerous time. I am not referring to the undercover liberals called 'moderate republicans' in congress. I am referring to the grass roots of our party.

If you are a conservative and desire to serve your country and do what is right, you will get attacked by liberals.

This danger was first exposed in 'watergate'
That's right. Watergate was a conspiracy between liberals, "moderate Republicans," and the CIA to attack Nixon for being a conservative and doing what is right. Among the ways Nixon "serve[d] his country" and "d[id] what is right", calling black people "niggers" and "jigaboos," and asserting that "blacks were genetically inferior to whites." Plus ordering people to rob the opposition and people's psychiatrists in order to blackmail them into silence or just smear them in the press. And undermining the independence of the prosecutor investigating these crimes. Probably suborning perjury, too, but that never got fully investigated.

Hey, wait, that's starting to sound familiar.

Oh, and don't miss these classics:

The point of my passion this morning is that it hit me as i was beginning my day fulfilling my calling as a mom and wife. (Liberals hate that!).

the liberals WILL draw up doctored documents to bring any republican down. But only the ones with integrity. [my emphasis]

The scarey thought about all this, is now we know the liberals in the CIA are lying to bring down Bush.
Funnier than reading the cartoons.