Thursday, October 06, 2005

A contest

Noting Cardinal Schoenberg's clarification, Red State Rabble offers a chance to Win a Free Poster:
Red State Rabble would like to give readers a chance to play along with us on the Cardinal Schoenborn Clarification Acknowledgement Watch Contest.

All you have to do is come closest to guessing when either Discovery or O’Leary will publicly acknowledge the Cardinal’s change of heart. You get two guesses – date and time, please – and two chances to win.

The prize is a 17X22 poster, suitable for framing, designed by Red State Rabble in 1999 (before we were RSR) as a fundraiser for Kansas Citizens for Science. The poster is a predecessor to the Historic Discoveries poster in the sidebar of this blog. A slice of history, it was done before creationism evolved into intelligent design on the Kansas Bored of Education.

RSR will post the entries and announce the winners – if after a reasonable period of time, Discovery and O’Leary fail to admit the Cardinal has retracted his earlier Op-Ed statement favoring intelligent design, we will draw two winners at random from a hat containing all the contest entries.
I predict it will never happen. That's my two predictions. Never, ever, ever. Go make your predictions.