Saturday, October 08, 2005

Corrupt and stupid

Governor Sebelius is troubled:

At the minimum, Kansans demand competence of their government officials, and I worry about an individual who has absolutely no education experience and no management experience leading this very critical agency.

Why the frowny face? Well:
Bob Corkins — newly hired as Kansas education commissioner for $140,000 despite having no experience in the field — wants his first act on the job to be the hiring of a conservative consultant for up to $15,000 to “coordinate the transitional team.”

The consultant is Daniel Harden, an education professor at Washburn University, conservative advocate and good friend of Education Board Chairman Steve Abrams, a conservative Republican from Arkansas City.
And also one of the people considered for Corkins's job.

This is so retarded, I don't know where to begin. If Harden is more qualified to coordinate the transition, why not hire him to administer the schools, and bring Corkins in as a political consultant? Or cut out the middle-man, and hire someone with political experience and educational experience, like the current deputy commissioner (who lobbied the federal Dept. of Ed. and got helpful changes to NCLB regulations) or the current Deputy Secretary of Education in New Mexico.

The title offers my working hypothesis.

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