Saturday, October 15, 2005

Further factoids

Technorati had a deal where you can tag your blog with certain words, so someone interested in a topic can find the most popular blogs that associate with a given topic.

TfK beats out Billy Dembski's own blog in the Intelligent Design category. We come close to Pharyngula in both Creationism and Evolution, though further back in Science over all.

Also the top blog in Kansas, but you knew that already.

Other interesting stat: On a recent lab exam, 34 of 39 students selected "Josh is the best TA ever" as the correct multiple choice answer!

Too bad the question was "Which of the following is NOT a valid scientific hypothesis:"

Other options:
  • All life on earth has a common ancestor.
  • Students get better grades on Josh's test than on other TA's tests.
  • Measuring the skull can reveal various things about a person's personality and intelligence.
The last is a reference to phrenology, a pseudoscientific field of study which was tested, falsified, and put out to pasture. Four people chose that, one chose the first option.

This is tremendously encouraging. It may be that the correct answer was a bit too obvious, but science majors in an introductory class recognized that a falsified hypothesis is still scientifically valid, and that common descent is testable.