Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers nominated

Like the Wichita Eagle's editors, I have to ask Why Harriet Miers? She has no obvious qualifications, except that she worked for Bush, who has apparently referred to her as a pitbull in size 6 shoes. To me, she sounds like Michael Brown in size 6 shoes, a crony of the administration being put up for a position for which she has no obvious qualifications.

Because she's not qualified and has no paper trail, SCOTUSblog suspects she may not even get support from Republicans, and her nomination may fail.

Conservative John Podhoretz argues that this nomination proves the accusations of cronyism leveled against the Bush administration. In particular, he notes that "This is the Supreme Court we're talking about! It's not a job for a political functionary!"

She also ran the process for choosing a nominee, and managed to narrow that list down to one, herself. I'm familiar with no process (outside the Bush administration) in which the selection committee consists of candidates. But that's the Bush way, corrupt as it may seem.

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