Monday, October 24, 2005

Hutchinson News comes out for McDonald, Cauble

Another candidate filing: Moderate Republicans needed in 2006 races:
Two down, two to go. Harry McDonald announced last week that he plans to run for the State Board of Education, challenging John Bacon in the Aug. 1, 2006, Republican primary [more TfK background]. A few weeks earlier, Sally Cauble said that she's running against another board conservative, Connie Morris [more TfK background].

That means two of the board's four social conservatives up for re-election now face primary opponents. But if Kansas moderates hope to win back the board, they can't stop there.

Despite the state's outstanding results in national math and reading tests, announced earlier this month, Bacon, Morris and the remaining board conservatives seek to dismantle the Kansas public school system.

They hired a new education commissioner with no experience or training as an educator – a right-wing lobbyist who believes that market forces should shape education policy, a philosophy that has utterly failed the nation's health care and air transportation industries.
Haven't heard back yet about where to send contributions to these campaigns, or to Tim Cruz, who is challenging Connie Morris in the general election.

Like the Hutchinson News, I hope there are primary and general election challenges to each of the conservative-held seats. There needs to be a real statewide debate between the candidates.

Now that comments are working, I'd like suggestions for a series of questions to send to each of the candidates about educational policy. Evolution will be important, as will sex-ed and views on Commissioner Corkins. What else? Vouchers, school consolidation, NCLB, school funding, testing policies, special ed and gifted student programs are all issues that come up, but what else.

I'd like to put together some questions on issues that a Board member can influence and send it to all the candidates. I'm especially interested in what educators see as the important and unaddressed issues.

These don't just have to be from an ideological angle I'd take. I'm curious what issues concern my conservative readers.