Monday, October 24, 2005

IDolators lie

Ed Brayton catches it. The current stance of the Discovery Institute is that IDC shouldn't be taught in schools. They pulled out of the Dover case because they were afraid they'd lose. The folks defending the Dover Creationist Curriculum point out, on CSPAN, that a book written by the director of the Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture and a DI fellow advocate teaching IDC in schools, including by using the textbook at issue in Dover.

Undoubtedly, the Discovery Institute will blame "Darwinism" for all its moral failings and those of its supporters.

Among those failings, filing an amicus brief in a manner which the judge in Dover tossed out, saying:

We thus find it to be fundamentally unfair to receive a brief that frequently references an expert report, that was originally prepared for use in this case when Mr. Meyer was to be offered as a defense expert witness, and which contains the full revised report of Mr. Meyer as an attachment to the brief. The inclusion of such information in an ad hoc unsolicited fashion, when Plaintiffs have not had the opportunity to cross-examine such expert witness is clearly inappropriate under the circumstances.

Plus, misquoting a post on an internet forum and lying about its provenance is pretty bad, if you're trying to elevate idle chatter into grand strategy.

Meanwhile, real scientists are doing actual research that actually helps people, and none are using IDC, while many are using evolution.