Monday, October 03, 2005

"If a person fawns on him enough…"

Ed Brayton finds this quote from a conservative Christian (speaking off the record with World Magazine's Olasky):
Harriet worships the president and has called him the smartest man she’s known. She’s a pretty good lawyer…. This president can be bamboozled by anyone he feels close to. If a person fawns on him enough, is loyal, works 25 hours a day and says you’re the smartest man I ever met, all of a sudden you’re right for the Supreme Court.
MyDD has a collection of angst from the right-wing. ThinkProgress, watching the Today Show so that you don't have to, sees Jonathan Turley call Miers "an amazingly bad choice." I'm unconvinced that Miers will leave the Judicial Committee, let alone the full Senate. I could be wrong (it's happened before), but I've been right about a lot of big things (WMD in Iraq, etc.).

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