Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm shocked, shocked

That Tim Shallenburger is fighting with insults rather than issues. The Wichita Eagle editors' blog points out that
he went over the top last week in instantly condemning Democratic attorney general candidate Paul Morrison as having “pulled a Benedict Arnold” by switching parties. Ditto Shallenburger’s suggestion that the Johnson County district attorney was somehow culpable for the 2000 Wichita killing spree of Reginald and Jonathan Carr. And describing a 25-year criminal prosecutor with a 98 percent jury trial conviction rate as “soft on crime”? Puh-leese. Voters need to decide this contest on issues, not insults.
I've yet to reach a clear opinion on Morrison (opportunist? prescient? six of one, half-a-dozen of the other?), but it's clear that he's a committed attorney, public servant and crime-fighter. It isn't saying much to point out that he'd be better than Phill Kline (I've met prairie voles that could handle the AG's office less viciously and with more attention to the public good), but Morrison would in fact be much better than Phill Kline could hope to be.