Thursday, October 13, 2005

More on TABOR

A review of the agony Colorado is going through, and the effort to repeal TABOR. Write a letter to your state rep and state senator now.

TABOR would starve our schools, leave senior citizens and the sick without a safety net, and eliminate assistance to small businesses and family farms. It's a stupid idea, and I like it less the more I learn about it.

If you write letters now, lawmakers will have a chance to spike this before they make all sorts of commitments. Wait until the final bill comes up for consideration, and people will be boxed in. This is a chance to vote early and to vote often. Your state rep probably lives in your neighborhood. Drop by, chat about TABOR and your concerns. Your state rep doesn't live too far away, keep an eye out at the supermarket.

And tell people at PTA meetings or on line at the Post Office. TABOR is unrealistic and unnecessary.