Thursday, October 27, 2005

NAS, NSTA deny KS. BoE use of copyrighted material

Group denies use of copyrighted science standards |
Two national groups say the state can’t use their copyright material in proposed science standards that critics contend promote creationism.

The National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Teachers Assn. notified the Department of Education in writing, the groups and state officials confirmed Wednesday to The Associated Press. The department had sought permission to use material from each group’s standards.

The State Board of Education expects to vote next month on the proposed standards, which incorporate language sought by intelligent-design advocates expressing skepticism about evolution.
This isn't really surprising, but it does delay the implementation of the new standards. If the new standards get pushed past the next election, we can reverse the changes before any students have to deal with the fallout.

As John Calvert would say, "this is just another example of science interfering in education."