Monday, October 03, 2005

OK, one more's War Room asks:
So what are the far-right senators [and presidential hopefuls] saying so far about Miers? Not much. Allen issued a statement saying that Bush has "an outstanding track record of nominating fair-minded men and women" to the court but reserving judgment on the Miers nomination. Santorum issued a statement saying that he was "pleased that the president has named his choice to replace Justice O'Connor" and that he intends to "carefully review the nominee's credentials and assess her qualifications and commitment to the rule of law." And Brownback said ... well, Brownback said nothing at all. A spokesman for the Kansas senator told War Room that he won't be making any sort of statement about the nominee at least until tomorrow -- a nonreaction reaction the spokesman called "conspicuous silence."
Burned by the atrazine king.

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