Sunday, October 02, 2005

Politics on Campus

Bora of Science And Politics links to a post on the political affiliations of students as reported to

KU has fewer liberals than UNC, though it's a more uniform distribution (among the center three) than NCSU. The genders are pretty well balanced, though it's interesting how many more women are identifying as liberal than men. There's a similar divide at UNC, but at NCSU that split is on the male side. It's possible that men describe equivalent political views as more conservative, or that there is some social stigma attached to conservatism among women or liberalism among men. Those may be different sides of the same story.

The similarity of the two genders is probably the most surprising result. In the other two campuses there are larger gender differences in most categories, and I think that those differences hold in the population at large.

"Other" is the default value, though some people may consider themselves socialist or anarchists or whatever.

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