Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ryun honored by creationist, homophobic creeps

FRC Issues End of Session 'True Blue Awards' to House Representatives. About the FRC, they hate the gay folks with a passion, they invested a lot of effort beating up on the whole Schiavo melodrama, they've taken on Grover Norquist (he spoke to some gay folks!), they are Christian Reconstructionist, they oppose the HPV vaccine, they hate the Sponge Bob, they love the white supremacists and the Abu Ghraib. They gave Nancy Pelosi a gag award for opposing the teaching of IDC.

With friends like these…

Clarification: Before anyone jumps on the guilt by association bandwagon, Ryun attended the event intended to honor him and a few others for following this group's agenda. He could have rejected the award, or not attended the event.