Monday, October 31, 2005


In Dover, the TMLC lawyer and Discovery Institute are at odds:
Outside Harrisburg’s federal courthouse last week, [the TMLC lawyer defending the Dover school board] said his ability to develop a case in this First Amendment lawsuit has been damaged by the Discovery Institute’s strategy of backing off in the face of public criticism.

And, he said, Discovery fellows are wrong when they explain their position.
So the defense is accusing DI of being liars and wimps.


In other news,

[Dover school board member] Ms. Geesey followed the reporters on the stand. Parts of her testimony bore a strikingly similarity to that of Supt. Nilsen the previous week. Both admitted that their sole sources of knowledge about intelligent design - including their belief that it is "scientific" - were board members William Buckingham and Alan Bonsell. They also chose to believe these board members - who both witnesses admit have "no science background" - over the school district's own biology teachers. Neither found it necessary to do any research on their own about the proposed addition to the curriculum.
Can they possibly win? Buckingham is the genius who watched himself talk about teaching creationism and then denied ever advocating teaching creationism. Bonsell is the bright light who said (according to another Board member:

he did not believe in evolution and if evolution was part of the biology curriculum, creationism had to be shared 50-50
These were the Board's experts.

Meanwhile, Billy Dembski is spending his effort spinning conspiracy theories about the rebuttal witness who pulled out when Billy chickened out.

Good times.