Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Toast to the Best of Kansas City

Congratulations to Greg Beck, the Readers' Choice for Best Blogger, but especially to the Pitch's choice:
Josh Rosenau

Winner120X90Last year's winner, Greg Beck, continues to pollute the Internet with his deliciously dirty rants ("Death's Door"), and we have other local favorites as well, such as the paranormal weirdness of Mac Tonnies' "Posthuman Blues," the voracious thrashing of all local media by Tony Botello's "Tony's Kansas City" and the funny domestic dramas at Kristine Smith's "Filegirl." But hands down, the blog that entertained us, educated us and got us hopping mad at the Kansas Board of Education this year was Josh Rosenau's excellent "Thoughts From Kansas." The biology doctoral candidate at the University of Kansas not only obsessively excerpts and comments on local and national news in smart ways but also tangles with the bigwigs of stealth-religious intelligent design -- and gets them to respond. Rosenau is the rare blogger who not only comments on the day's happenings but also reports it himself, blurring the distinction between blog and news source -- to the advantage of both.
I'm touched. I know I started reading Greg's blog after he won last year, and I know I have big shoes to fill. To begin with, I need to curse more, and spend more time talking about strippers. Should I take up bouncing for some bars?

Maybe not. I should write about duck genitalia more.

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