Thursday, October 20, 2005

When John Martellaro speaks

TfK listens. Commenting on the impending race between outgoing Kansas Citizens for Science president and conservative creationist John Bacon, the head of Kansas Families United for Public Education writes:
The key to beating Bacon will be turnout. Bacon is one of those conservatives who wins elections by turning out his small but fervently committed base in primary elections that most voters ignore.

The best way to help Harry McDonald is to talk up his candidacy to everyone you know who cares about education, about science, about freedom of religion, and/or about economic development. Tell them how important this election is and how vital it is for them to take the time to show up at the polls and vote.

Throwing a few bucks Harry's way, to help him get his message out, wouldn't hurt, either.
Good advice. Harry is a great guy, a sharp leader and a successful coalition builder. That's what we need in the state's Board of Education.

I'll try to find out how to pass donations to him.