Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Choices, choices

G.O.P. Leaders Seek Inquiry on Leaks of Government Secrets - New York Times:
A newspaper report that the Central Intelligence Agency had set up secret American prisons in Europe for the interrogation of terrorism suspects drew calls today for investigations into who leaked that information.

The C.I.A. itself asked the Justice Department to look into the matter, according to government officials familiar with the unfolding episode. And on Capitol Hill, Republican Congressional leaders called for lawmakers to investigate the affair.
So, leak the identity of a covert agent, no Senate hearings.

Leak the use of Soviet bloc prisons for torture, and get hearings.

What should the Senate investigate? The leak or the use of Soviet prisons?

The leak of course. The Justice Department will investigate, and well they should. Leaking classified material is a crime. If Trent Lott is right, the probe will implicate a Republican Senator.

Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Frist have belatedly discovered the horrors of leaking classified information, a mere 2 years after the very public outing of an agent. They wrote a letter to my Senator, Pat Roberts asking to help trace the leaker.

I'd like to know why we've repurposed old islands in the Gulag archipelago, but instead we'll hear people complaining about the revelation of secrets which, are much less dangerous than identifying secret agents.

"We Both Go Down Together" by The Decemberists from the album Picaresque (3:06).