Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The latest Circus of the Spinless has this disclaimer:
My policy on this blog is not to have any links in any of my posts to any creationist (including “intelligent” design) sites. Hence I turned down a submission from one such site. I offer no apologies.
Jonathan Witt, Grand Poobah of Intelligent Design, is confused:
And yet the Eugenie Scotts of the science world would have us believe that the peer review process is blithelessly sinless, noble mandarins gathering around the table of knowledge to dispassionately assess the arguments laid out in the papers submitted to them.
Because there's no distinction to be made between a blog and a peer reviewed journal.

As an aside, the rejected post was fairly silly, since loss of function and gain of function are equally reasonable consequences of evolution.

"It Makes No Difference" by The Band from the album Northern Lights-Southern Cross (1974, 6:34).