Friday, November 11, 2005

Don Weiss to challenge John Bacon in the general election

Conservative faces challenger |
Don Weiss, of Olathe, who is chief operations officer of Googols of Fun, 4931 W. Sixth St., said Thursday he would run as a Democratic candidate for the State Board of Education’s 3rd District.

The current board member from that district is John Bacon, of Olathe, a conservative Republican who voted for science standards that criticize evolution, and to hire Bob Corkins, a former lobbyist who fought public schools, as education commissioner.

Weiss said both decisions upset him.
Harry McDonald is taking on Bacon in the primary. I think I'd pick a professional educator over a store operator, though a store that sells educational toys is at least close to the mark.

We'll see what emerges.

I'm still waiting on a challenger to Ken Willard. Anyone?