Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't write off our kids

John Martellaro, president of KFUPE writes at Daily Kos, PLEASE don't write off Midwest kids:
No doubt you're familiar with the political circuses going on in my home state of Kansas. Attacks on the teaching of evolution. Attempts to force Intelligent Design nonsense down the throats of public school students. Race-baiting attacks on Hispanics by far-right wackos, including attempts to ban immigrant children from the public schools. Huge achievement gaps between black and Hispanic kids and their peers. Schools forced to go to court to get adequate funding to try to close those gaps.

Most of these battles, as you can see, center on kids and schools. Please note that these are, indeed, ongoing battles. The purveyors of ignorance are not having their way in every case, and even when they win, they have to fight like hell.
He notes that moves like TABOR and other conservative causes are now pushing back against the successes that modpublicans and Democrats have achieved, and the time to act is now.

Support Kansas Families United for Public Education, give to their PAC, and give of your time.

I love KCFS, too, but as a 501(c)3, they can't fight the electoral battles. Give time and money to them too, they make Kansas a better place.