Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Evolution showdown today

Evolution showdown today | LJWorld.com:
After months of debate, anger and confrontation, a 6-4 majority on the State Board of Education today is expected to embed criticism of evolution into school science standards.

…despite the highly charged, political atmosphere, the vote will have no immediate practical impact on teaching science in Kansas classrooms, officials said Monday.
The practical impact will be longer-term, as the state tests are rewritten and local school boards water down their science curriculum, or introduce non-science into science classes.

The Board meets at 120 S.E. 10th Ave. in Topeka, beginning at 10. The science standards are scheduled to come up at 2:55. Yes, the schedule makes it clear that it will happen precisely at that moment, and the process will continue until exactly 4:30, when the Board will go into executive session.

They are scheduled to receive the external review in the same time period, though its contents have been reported on already.

"Goin' Back" by Neil Young from the album Comes A Time (1977, 4:41).