Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fafblog sets the record straight

Stunt Stunt Stunt Stunty McStunt!:
Oh how Giblets longs for the good old days of seven months ago, when the stately Bill Frist held court over an emergency session to prolong the life of the famously vegetative, or when the august Rick Santorum compared gay marriage to terrorism on the Senate floor! Instead we must endure the pernicious and terrible tricks of Harry Reid, Mormon from Hell, as he hijacks America's upper house in some petty quest for Congressional oversight!
I was wrong to think this was a brilliant plan. Forgive me, Giblets, forgive me, Medium Lobster. Only Republicans can lead this country to willful ignorance of lies about war, let alone show the steely resolve required to ignore systematic abuse of our prisoners.

Democrats, with their liberal ways, expect answers and accountability, when we've clearly entered the post-accountability world.

Like evolution, I will foreswear Democracy in all its forms to punish this accountability-based political ideology, and drive it back to the Nevada desert, where it can die in peace.