Thursday, November 03, 2005

Former Senate Leader: "I personally was provided…misleading information"

Daschle Says The Senate Was Lied To On Iraq:
Speaking Wednesday at Northwestern University, Daschle also said he had been given "misleading information" about Iraq's weapons before the war, but said he could not go into specifics.
"I wish I could share with you the misleading information I personally was provided in September and October of 2002," he said in remarks scheduled for delivery at Northwestern University in Evanston.

The misrepresentations, Daschle said, underscore the need for Congress to repair the nation's foreign policy initiatives in order to restore the public's trust in the use of U.S. military power.
Some people defend the administration's lies about Iraq's WMDs by saying that Democratic Senators said the same things.

Fine, but the reason we want real hearings on the political manipulation of intelligence is that there are questions about how these Senators got the information they were speaking about. If an NSC briefer told the Senators that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Niger, and then the Senators went out an repeated the claim, who should bear the blame?

If it were a subject which involved publicly available information, I'd say the Senator. "Trust but verify" as they say. But intelligence information at this level is classified out the ass. The only source available was the executive branch, and that's where the inquiry has to focus.

This isn't partisan, it's practical.