Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nicely put

Nick Davis writes As a Kansas Citizen:
As a Kansas citizen, I am horribly saddened that the fundamentalist regime in the state school board has decided to bastardize science in favor of voodoo.

As a parent of a child (and soon to be two) in the Shawnee Mission school district -- one of the top school districts in the nation -- this decision has real consequences for my family. I'm not too worried about my own children -- they will receive their evolutionary education from me -- but about the future of this school system and this area.

The economic prosperity of Johnson County is directly and singularly related to the quality of the schools here. Johnson county, by far, is responsible for more than its share of revenue to the state of Kansas. The future of this area is in doubt. After all, when universities stop allowing admission to kids who are taught (un)Intelligent Design, you can be damn sure that wise parents will pull their wise kids from the district, leading to a decline in overall quality of the students, thus test scores, followed shortly by property values. And then the state is, deservedly, screwed.

I fully support universities in imposing these admission standards. They are an ally to thinking people in this state.
Yes, I stole his whole post. But it's too good not to.

Universities should not be obliged to clean up after the Kansas Board of Education. It's a shame if that's what it comes to. This is yet another way that creationism in the schools undermines the Kansas economy. It isn't just about the quality of local schools that will scare new recruits and new businesses away, but the fear of being kept out of top universities.