Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not all creationists are racist

But some are:
There were two creations in the Bible. In the first one, God created man and woman in his image. That doesn’t mean they looked exactly like him just as the Cabbage Patch doll was made in man’s image. They were very primitive people and evolved through thousands of years. Their descendants are on the earth today.

The second creation was different. God formed Adam out of the dust of the earth, breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and Adam became a living soul. Big difference. Adam was the beginning of a chosen people. That is all the Bible is about, the lineage of those people and the laws they are to follow, also the consequences if they don’t. The descendants of those people are on earth today. They are the Scandinavian, Germanic and related peoples. They migrated through the Caucasus mountains, hence the term Caucasian.

Now before you go off half-cocked and call me all kinds of names to demonize me, think about it. Is this controversy about evolution and intelligent design or is it simply the Christians vs. the antichrist?

B.J. Ammel,

This guy is talking the way Christian Identity people talk. Who knows if this is his own invention, or if he's part of some organized group preaching this nonsense, but it fits neatly within the CI ideology of "dual bloodlines."

Christian Identity is a racist movement which applies a veneer of Judeo-Christian symbolism to make it palatable to new converts. It holds that white people (Aryans) are descended from Abel (Adam and Eve's son), that Jews are descended from Cain (a child of Eve and Satan) and that other races descend from "beasts of the field."

That's about the extent of the movement's connection to Christianity. In its name, "Christian" refers more to geography than religion.

Sorry, am I "calling him all kinds of names to demonize him"? No, just one name.

The answer to his final question is, as always, that it's about how science should be taught in schools.

"Your Racist Friend" by They Might Be Giants from the album Flood (1990, 2:54).