Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reid speaks

He got a commitment on real investigations into the abuse if intelligence:
For more than two years we have been seeking this investigation. Finally thru the course of this closed session we were able to get the attention of the majority and lock in (with a timeline) the commitment of the senate intelligence committee to investigate how intelligence was manipulated and manufactured with. Its an investigation we desperately need.
Obviously, this is a shot across the bow over everything from Libby to Alito and the nuclear option. Senate Democrats know the rules and know how to use them, and aren't afraid to throw an elbow.

But it isn't just politics. This is a serious issue that my Senator chose to sweep under the rug, breaking his own word in the process. I'm glad Senator Reid held him to his word. I'm glad someone is looking out for the credibility of American intelligence and Americas leaders.

After Bush's 16 words and Powell's cropdusters of doom, the world will think twice before trusting our leaders when they say they have evidence. Real hearings which bring real reform are the only way we'll get them back on board.

If we want action on Iran, and we want the IAEA to take real action based on American intelligence reports, or if we want China to help us muscle North Korea, our leaders have to have credibility when they cite secret evidence.

When Kennedy was president, the French didn't need to see the U2 pictures, they trusted us. And that's the way we want things to be. And that's where these hearings will get us.

"Let's Stay Together" by Al Green from the album Greatest Hits (1995, 3:18).