Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rule of thumb

When Kris Kobach speaks, do the opposite:
PRESIDENT Bush has made a truly daring choice with the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. In football terms, this is no flea-flicker or bootleg play that hides the ball to skirt the opposition: It's a rush straight up the middle, taking the defense head-on.
Except that, as he shows clearly in this New York Post Op-Ed, Alito is an unabashed run to the right. The question is whether he runs out of bounds, whether he'll knock over a few people in the stands on the way.

And the answer is yes.

Furthermore, he clouds the issue in his treatment of Rybar (previously discussed here), by portraying it as a gun control issue, when his dissent was an argument about commerce, not guns per se.

And his ruling on anti-harassment wasn't a free speech case, it was a slap at victims of violent bullying.

But what can you expect from the guy who wasted so much time and taxpayer money on an obvious loser of a case where he tried to demonize immigrants.

But if he's very nice, he might just get to be the next governor.