Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sebelius condemns new standards

BOE approves new standards that criticize evolution, Governor Sebelius responds:
This is just the latest in a series of troubling decisions by the Board of Education. If we're going to continue to bring high-tech jobs to Kansas and move our state forward, we need to strengthen science standards, not weaken them. Stronger public schools ought to be the mission of the Board of Education, and it's time they got down to the real business of strengthening Kansas schools.
Given that the Board doesn't have permission to use the copyrighted material from the NAS and National Science Teachers Association, these standards will still have to be re-written, making the whole thing irrelevant.

“You have changed the very definition of science so that it can include supernatural explanations, mixing science and theology,” said acting KCFS president and science standards committee member Jack Krebs.

And that's why the whole thing will never survive. The corruption and incompetence of the Board will result in a shift in power large enough to undo what happened today.