Monday, November 14, 2005


The Eagle finds Todd Tiahrt saying foolish things about science:
I believe Kansas students should receive information about the major theories on the origin of life. Proponents of the theories of intelligent design and evolution have well-known and respected scientists claiming scientific evidence to support the validity of each of these leading mainstream theories. Proponents of both theories should be confident enough in the science that they would welcome any scientifically based scrutiny by schoolchildren.
"Respected scientists"? I guess different people respect different things, but other scientists do not have much respect for the scientific product of the creationist critics. It's not personal, and it's not about appeals to authority. They just do bad work.

Right now, there is only one scientific theory on the topic. If another one comes along, I'll let Rep. Tiahrt know.

I intend to get in touch with the Congressman, but letters from his constituents would do more to change his mind than a note from some Lawrence egghead.

As always, polite and respectful letters are more effective than invective laced rants, even if that's how you feel.

I encourage you to focus on the point that not everything that's true has to be scientific, and that it's important to teach science in science classes. Other truths can be offered in other parts of the school curriculum. If Rick Santorum can come around, so can Mr. Tiahrt.