Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Random Tens

Lab day, less blogging today. Meiosis and Mitosis!

Random tunes, buy through iTunes:
"Lovetown" by The Glands from the album The Glands (2001, 3:11).
"Candy Everybody Wants" by 10,000 Maniacs from the album MTV Unplugged (1993, 3:19).
"Dust Bowl" by Natalie Merchant from the album Live In Concert (5:11).
"So It Goes" by Tom Waits from the album The Early Years Vol. 2 (1993, 2:31).
"The Rebel - Johnny Yuma" by Johnny Cash from the album Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (1967, 1:54).
"Jealous Again" by Black Crowes from the album Shake Your Money Maker (4:39).
"Small Change" by Tom Waits from the album Small Change (1976, 5:05).
"Jaina Blues" by Frank Black and the Catholics from the album Show Me Your Tears (2003, 3:51).
"Wouldn't It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys from the album Pet Sounds (1966, 2:24).
"Thunder Chicken" by Mighty Imperials from the album Thunder Chicken (3:08).

Random posts from the archives (ten randomly chosen days):

2004-09-17: "Why we haven't caught bin Laden."

2004-10-28: As part of my series on Kris Kobach and his racist friends, a look at John Tanton and anti-immigrant racism.

2004-11-02: Election day!

2004-11-17: One of my favorite posts ever, Human Achievement. It's a meditation on what a fossil hominid tells us about ourselves.

2005-04-07: The filibuster as an expression of the founding fathers' desire for the nation.

2005-04-29: The age old question "who designed the designer?"

2005-05-13: "weep for what we're doing to our kids and our nation".

2005-08-05: Paul Krugman and Nick Matzke on the problems with Intelligent design.

2005-08-11: I point to an article on how Senator Pat Roberts managed to avoid examining the pre-war lies, exactly what lead to the Senate adventure on Monday. Also, remember the firestorm that erupted when I pointed out that Kansas is approaching its biosciences initiative in a "dollar short, day late" style?

2005-09-25: A post on the claims IDolators make about free speech.