Monday, November 07, 2005

Would this fly in the Flint Hills?

In a deal to build wind turbines in Wisconsin, Invenergy to Pay Landowners in Sight of Turbines:
property owners who live within one-third of a mile of one turbine would receive $500 a year, while property owners who are within one-third of a mile of two turbines would receive $750 annually...Landowners who host a wind turbine will receive easement payments of about $4,200 a year, as well as compensation for crops they would not be able to sell because of the easement
Would this work for Flint Hills landowners? The Flint Hills are probably flatter, with longer lines of sight than you'd have around Fond du Lac, but who knows. Would power companies be willing to pay some dollar amount to surrounding land owners to compensate them for their views? Would local ranchers go along? Would environmentalists?

What about my readers?