Friday, December 16, 2005

I love conservatives, pt. 2

The Johnson County Republican Party has some choice words for the KTRM (previously covered here):

[Two time contender for the Kansas 3rd, Adam] Taff is the originator of the KTRM concept. His effort to abuse the Republican Party following two congressional defeats has been motivated by his open hatred for the Republican Party and the past and current leadership in the Republican Party;

Is not the hate and intolerance from Wollen himself against the remainder of the Republican Party? Even as a liberal, why would Wollen say these things if he didn’t intend to tear down Republicanism?

Steve Cloud is the real and stealthy leader of KTRM. All roads and leaders of KTRM lead to Steve Cloud, particularly Wollen;

Dennis Jones: The former State Chair of the Republican Party who was “viewed as a political heretic for trying to open the Republican primary to unaffiliated voters," Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan 29, 2005, only to be stopped from eroding the Republican Party when a Kansas District judge in a court case filled by Republicans, ruled that Jones acted illegally and stopped Jones from taking such unauthorized actions against state law and the rules of the Kansas Republican Party of which he was the Chairman at the time!
Yes, all these lifelong Republicans are actually "Kansas Democrats, Democrat supporters and liberals calling themselves Republicans."

The screed wanders into incoherence early on, but the parts where one Republican savages a bunch of other Republicans is f---ing hilarious.

By incoherent, I mean:

No one can criticize Democrats for doing this. After all, this is the politics. ["This" refers to this passage "are using attractive, convenient, divisive names and persuasive concepts as a Trojan Horse to enter the Republican Party, lull Republicans into the belief that this Trojan Horse will pave the way for “Unity” in the Republican Party only to thereafter wreck the Republican Party and attack the conservative traditional values we have always maintained."]

No one can criticize moderate Republicans for doing this, because they aren’t. [Aren't what? Doing all that stuff? Aren't moderate? Aren't Republican? Aren't Democrats? Aren't politics? -Ed.] After all, don’t we all want to be moderates, i.e., well balanced, level headed, free thinking Republicans favoring responsible taxation, smaller government, a good education, strong defense, less intrusion in our lives, capitalism, hard work, personal responsibility and, yes - “life” in our own personal way.

No one can criticize Conservatives for doing this, because they aren’t. [Aren't what? -Ed.] After all, we are Republicans, i.e., we are the conservative party in contrast to the liberal party – Democrats.

But we must lay the blame on KTRM at the feet of RINOs. For Republicans to join in this effort is innocent or uninformed naivety on the part of some at best and an intentional plan of others to allow liberals to control the policies of the Republican Party at worst. [Which Republicans are doing this? The moderates or the conservatives? -Ed.]

In the name of “Unity”, KTRM seeks to control the Republican Party. The problem is that to KTRM, “Unity” means “we must all agree – so long as you agree with us”. That attitude does not allow for the differences of opinion that makes the Republican Party so rich in its diversity of ideas and solutions to governance.
Assume, for the sake of argument, that "KTRM is principally a one issue organization – ABORTION." The KTRM position is that while they personally might oppose abortion, as a matter of public policy, they don't think there need to be legal restrictions on abortion, and the Republican party shouldn't exclude people solely on the basis of their position on abortion. The conservatives have stated that excluding people purely on the basis of views on abortion is what should happen. They "should either change [their] position or join a party that acknowledges [their] position."

Of course, as you read the biographies, you see that there are a host of issues which divide KTRM and its conservative counterparts, including free speech, academic freedom, tax policy, education funding and gay marriage.

If you are free thinking registered Republican who does the homework and judges each candidate for public office by his or her stand on the issues, you are a good Republican. You are not one of these “one-issue” persons who take a social agenda and calls it a political platform.…

It would be a sad day if all Republicans had to agree on everything, yet this appears to be the exact position of KTRM. We ask you to stay with the Republican Party and get involved with the Party to help us improve our platform.…

But if you are a Democrat, a liberal, a RINO, i.e., “Republican for _________ “ (just fill in the blank with the name of a Democrat opposing a Republican that you will publicly endorse and support) or a Republican dead set to wrestle control of the current leadership of the Republican Party for your own power purpose at any cost, the Republican Party does need you in its leadership.
So, it's fine to evaluate policy without advocating a social agenda, as long as you never support a Democrat or oppose the social agenda of the Republican party.

Keep it coming, guys.