Thursday, December 15, 2005


Nominations are open for The 2005 Koufax Awards. There are now 15 categories:

  • Best Blog
  • Best Professional Blog
  • Best Blog Community
  • Best Writing
  • Best Post
  • Best Series
  • Best Single Issue Blog
  • Best Group Blog
  • Most Humorous Blog
  • Most Humorous Post
  • Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
  • Best Expert Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Coverage of State or Local Issues
  • Best Commenter
I'm eyeing the second to last category, as well as Most Deserving of Wider recognition.

I'm interested in other people's opinions on which post, if any, might deserve to be nominated as the Best Post. I'm leaning toward submitting my invention of Intelligent Falling in the Humorous Post category, where it will get creamed.

Anyway, nominate TfK or your other favorite lefty blogs in the categories they deserve.

I'm leaning toward:

  • Best Blog - Billmon? Kos?
  • Best Professional Blog - Talking Points Memo
  • Best Blog Community - DailyKos
  • Best Writing - Tricky, maybe Billmon, or slactivist
  • Best Post - Too tricky
  • Best Series - Tricky
  • Best Single Issue Blog - Panda's Thumb?
  • Best Group Blog - TPMCafe
  • Most Humorous Blog - Fafblog
  • Most Humorous Post - Tricky
  • Most Deserving of Wider Recognition - me?
  • Best Expert Blog - Pharyngula
  • Best New Blog - Tricky
  • Best Coverage of State or Local Issues - me? Obviously, my reading of out-of-state blogs is limited.
  • Best Commenter - Tricky