Thursday, December 15, 2005


A law professor who fought against gay marriage and affirmative action, pushed to disbar President Clinton, and angled to get the Ten Commandments into government buildings signed onto an amicus brief against a warning label on science texts:
Hogue signed on to an amicus brief filed on behalf of Georgia Citizens for Integrity in Science Education, which supports the ACLU side of the case.

"From my perspective as a conservative, I think science education is important," he added. "And I'm not religiously sympathetic to anti-evolutionists, who I think are lunatics."

Hogue is equally candid on his view of intelligent design, which suggests that organisms developed over time in accordance with the design of an intelligent agent. He called the theory "bull----."

"Evolution is a theory pieced together over time, not a self-enclosed theory that is its own end, which is what creationism is," Hogue said.
Well put.