Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Popular governor

SurveyUSA puts Kathleen Sebelius at 62%-33%, up from 57% last month. This makes her the 15th most popular (tied with 3 others), and the 18th highest net approval (approval minus disapproval).

As has been the case frequently, she's most popular among moderates, more popular than with liberals. Republicans like her (56%), the pro-life like her (55%), whites like her (63%), blacks like her (54%!), hispanics like her (72%). They love her out west (66%), the love her in Wichita (62%) and they love her in the east (60%).

For some reason, the tracking graphic isn't including the most recent sample, so I can say that the first number is up, but it's harder to quickly figure out which groups are moving the most.

A quick check shows a record high among Republicans (up from 50% last month, 53% the previous month).

The 53% approval among conservatives is also a record, up from 44% last month and 48% the previous month. For the record, that represents 40% of the sample. It's a difference of about 17 respondents (127 approved this month, 110 two months ago). At that level, it gets tricky to attach statistical significance to shifts, even seemingly large ones.

The bottom of the approval list reads:

44 Matt Blunt, Missouri
46 Arnold Schwarzenegger, California
47 Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana
48 Ernie Fletcher, Kentucky
49 Frank Murkowski, Alaska
50 Bob Taft, Ohio

Blunt is tied with Maine's John Baldacci. Taft is, of course, a confessed criminal and is in the midst of a massive corruption scandal, which explains his 17% approval. Murkowski is a name, but may not be that competent. Fletcher is in the midst of a corruption scandal. Blanco has lost many of the constituents who voted for her, and let down pretty much everyone. Schwarzenegger is a name without competence as a leader.

Matt Blunt is in great company.