Thursday, December 22, 2005

Something disturbing

I find something disturbing about this:
The late Dr. Richard Smalley … had this to say about Origins of Life and Who Was Adam: "Evolution has just been dealt its death blow."
I think it's the fact that a dead man is being quoted about a death blow. Unsettling.

That's from a press release denouncing ID as non-science, and touting a fully version of creationism that they won't tell us about unless we buy their books.

A lot of creationists are as happy about IDC's defeat in Dover as I am. At last they can stop trying to pretend they don't know who the designer was, or how he/she/it operated. No more Dembski-ish obfuscation. They can proudly proclaim that God did it in 6 days exactly 6,000 years ago, and nothing is going to change their minds. They've been holding it in, hoping this "wedge" thingy might work.

Now that it hasn't, they can get back to the serious work of making up excuses for why everything looks exactly like it would if the world were 4.55 billion years old and all life evolved from a single ancestor about 3 billion years ago.