Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blame Brownback

Brownback brought bad luck to KU Basketball. But the passage of that post I want to discuss is this:
While the Alito hearings and his screeds on abortion are clearly aimed at the Iowa and South Carolina religious fundamentalist crowds, Brownback’s stance on domestic spying is more McCain-esque and would play better in New Hampshire. Just something to think about.
I've been thinking about this, and I have a different take. I'm not sure that he's aiming for some McCain-like maverick cred.

I think he wants to be the vocal opponent now, so he can write a bill granting the President some sort of wiretapping power. With the "Brownback bill" subject to tempestuous debate, he wins on two counts.

First, he raises his credibility on national security. Right now, he has no background in security or national defense, key issues in a presidential campaign.

Second, he gets to go on all the news shows talking about his proposal, whatever it is. This gives him free publicity.

I'm not sure he wants to be the maverick, though playing to the libertarians can't hurt.

Now is a good time to tell Senator Brownback what protections you want against government surveillance.