Friday, January 27, 2006

Corkins experiences education, is intrigued

Unqualified hack and Commissioner of Education Bob Corkins stepped beyond his comfort zone of northeast Kansas yesterday, and visited a Wichita high school:
State Education Commissioner Bob Corkins walked away from North High School on Thursday impressed with what he saw and promising to return to Wichita.

"I was most impressed with the variety of programs offered," Corkins said. "Having that exposure broadens students' horizons."

Corkins made his first visit to a Wichita school since taking office in October. He was invited to North by biology teacher David Dennis, who was on Corkins' transition team.

"With education sometimes, I feel like I'm learning a new language," he said.
Let's run with that analogy. Bob Corkins has years of experience as a conservative activist and lobbyist. For the sake of argument, call that Spanish. And let's call the field of education English, just for the analogy.

The Board of Education, figuring that English is a Romance language and so is Spanish, hires Corkins. He spends his first year in office dealing with an immersion in a new language, gradually figuring out that all those stories about English being the language of geese are false. By then, he's let opportunities go by, has put things on a course that never made sense, except for someone experienced only in ideology, and has set back the system.

Elect a new Board.