Monday, January 09, 2006

DHS reads private mail, conservative is unconcerned

Revka asks of a retired professor whose letter from a long-time pen pall in the Philippines was opened by DHS:
If he had nothing to hide why is he upset?
I would now like permission to root through Revka's purse at whim and to regularly inspect the contents of her medicine cabinets.

If she has nothing to hide, why should she be upset?

Conservatives spent a lot of time and effort presenting themselves as protectors of individual rights against government action. They liked to whine that liberal are interested in "collective rights" while cons love only the individual rights.

But then those rights are actually threatened, and those voices get really quiet.


Troll-proofing language: The DHS is fully entitled to open letters at the border under the border exemption to the 4th amendment, and DHS followed procedure. These are both reasonable defenses of the act. Saying "If you did nothing wrong, why do you worry about your civil liberties?" is never a compelling argument.

More on that point anon.