Sunday, January 15, 2006


Afarensis catches this interesting observation:
Note: That same majority who believes literally in 2,000+ year old words of highly questionable origin(s) which were then passed through who knows how many additional individuals and languages, is pretty much the same majority that firmly believes that the "liberal" media can't report stories correctly from yesterday.
This is of a piece with the observation that the same people who deny the possibility of complex systems evolving through natural process in biology insist that that's the only way to have a stable economic system.

They would point out that simple economic exchanges which are beneficial to people become entrenched and then gradually modified as they become part of larger systems of exchange, while those that are not beneficial die out. Yet some of these same people refuse to believe natural selection and "blind processes" can lead to biological order arising spontaneously.
I suppose they could argue that Jesus watches over the economy, but that seems a bit blasphemous.